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CN-350B Strip Nailer

Duo-Fast CN 350 B Picture



Tool Specifications*


CN - 350B


9 lbs 4 oz. (4.28kg)


(h) x (l) 13 3/4"x 20 11/66" / 349 mm x 525 mm

Load Capacity**

Two 25 nail or 30 nail strips, depending on the nail.

Operating Pressure

70-130 psi 4.83 -8.96 bar (Regulator)

Fastener Range

2" ~ 3 3/4"

* Due to our continuous efforts to improve the quality of our products, the specifications and design of the products on this site are subject to change without notice.

** Load capacity will depend upon the type of fastener used.

Duo-Fast CN 350 B Strip Nailer.

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